NGDatacenter provides a hosting service beyond the standards. You can host your servers all over the world with NGDatacenter assurance and price advantages thanks to 50+ Datacenter network which is located in Asian,Europan and American continents.
Safely, the rented server!
NGDatacenter, allows you to rent a server safely and fast in its Asia,America or Europa located datacenters. Servers you rent from NGDatacenter have no commitment contract. You can cancel a server you don’t desire to use anymore by reporting 7 days before the invoicing.
%99 Uptime Guarantee
NGDatacenter develops its infrastructure simultanously with the developping technology by using the last worldwide technology server and firewall hardwares in its datacenters and updating these hardwares all the time. Thanks to these infrastructure preparations, we guarantee 99% uptime in our datacenters.

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